Artist Statement

My Indian culture and ethnic background permeate my artwork; I explore my heritage in culturally-fused art works. I use Indian artistic styles, because I am fascinated by my culture’s history and mythology. I delve into communications producing  visually critical assessments of language and the exchange of information, which serve as representations of the self, my personal background, and our current socio-political environment. My creative flow incorporates academic research, as well as personal experience. I passionately express feminist ideals in my work, including the fight against rape culture, the caste system, racism, and other socio-political injustices creating a model of intersectionality in my work.

My work is interdisciplinary, in that it ranges from time-based, digital, socially engaged practices, to silk screen printing. I have a wide range of disciplines in the digital realm because I can repeat and create variations in my work. I aim to make work that is educational, that also uses visual language to appeal to my audiences’ worldview in order to impact change. I am inspired by the Southern Indian, ethnic Telugu styles of art, such as Kalamkari, as a means of connecting with my cultural roots. This narrative illustration style customarily utilizes a flat picture plane, and a primary color palette. In my artwork, I compare Hindu mythologies and folklores with social mores then and now.

I want my audience to gain fresh perspectives through my culturally specific images. Although the content may at first be alien to my audience, once they have taken in my work, I believe viewers will be able to relate the stories I tell and visuals I use to their own lives. This is also true in my communication works. Through frequent utilization of text in form of statements and questions, I always intend for my audience to partake in self-reflection.